Carter Maines Maine Coon Cattery

At Carter Maines, our love for Maine Coons knows no bounds. We are a dedicated breeder passionate about this extraordinary feline breed. With a focus on producing top-quality Maine Coon kittens, we are committed to preserving the breed’s exceptional traits and sharing the joy of Maine Coons with loving families and dedicated show enthusiasts.

The health and well-being of our Maine Coons are paramount. We feed our cats a species-appropriate raw diet. We maintain extensive health screening protocols, including genetic testing (through Optimal Selection) and yearly echocardiograms by a certified cardiologist, to ensure that our breeding cats are free from hereditary diseases. Our kittens receive the highest standard of veterinary care, including vaccinations and thorough check-ups, before they join their forever homes.

Our Maine Coons are not just breeding cats; they are members of our family. We raise our kittens in a loving and stimulating environment (our kid’s bedrooms), ensuring they are well-socialized, confident, and ready to adapt to their new homes. Our commitment to their early development results in Maine Coon kittens that possess a delightful blend of playfulness and gentle nature.

We consider ourselves more than just breeders; we are your partners in the journey of Maine Coon ownership. From the moment you bring your kitten home, we provide continuous support and guidance. We are here to answer your questions, offer advice on care and training, and share our knowledge, ensuring that you and your Maine Coon enjoy a lifelong bond.

Thank you for considering Carter Maines as your trusted source for exceptional Maine Coon kittens. We look forward to helping you find your perfect Maine Coon companion and being a part of your Maine Coon journey!