Our Family

The Carter’s

Animals have always been a huge part of my life. They bring unconditional love into everyone’s lives, especially mine, they are members of our family. Before becoming a mom, I worked with dogs and cats in boarding facilities and vet offices, even doing some dog grooming and training on occasion. My husband and I knew we wanted a cat to be a part of our growing family. Our kids wanted a kitty friend as well.

So we began the search for Maine Coons as they seemed to fit our lives best. I was so lucky to find Linda Fleshman with Tufts’N Ruff. The perfect kitten was pictured on her site and I knew she needed to be a part of our family. We brought our kitten, Zora home and fell completely in love with her. That stemmed into the most wonderful friendship with Linda, who then agreed to mentor me for showing and breeding. Even though my show and breeding career is young, we are educating ourselves daily to produce the healthiest, friendliest cats that we possibly can.


Gibson is our 90-pound Giant Schnauzer. He absolutely adores cats and kittens and is so gentle for his large size. He does a wonderful job of socializing the kittens and our adult cats love to rub on his legs and snuggle up with him for naps!


Zora is our brown patched tabby, alpha Maine Coon and the girl who started it all. Her beauty and unique personality are what made us fall in love with the breed.

Leonardo Di Catrio

Leo is our handsome black smoke Maine Coon with the funniest personality. He is the best snuggler, has the loudest purr, and loves to give kisses.


River is our handsome brown classic Maine Coon, who is a kitten from our very own beautiful girl, Elektra. He has the most loveable personality and he loves to lay on our chest and snuggle. His zoomies are hilarious to watch and he loves playing with toys, we are so happy to have him as a part of our family.