DOB 7/9/2023

The new addition to our program is, Raydusoleil Dougie of Cartermaines (Dougie Fresh)! He is a stunning red classic tabby with white! He has an amazing head, strong boning, a beautiful classic pattern coming in, and THE BEST personality! This boy is hilarious! He is so playful with us and the other cats, he loves snuggling with our dog, and he sleeps across my neck while sharing his loud purr. He is a clown and is always doing things to make us smile and laugh! He just showed in his first cat show and he was so confident! He will be a breeding male when he is of the appropriate age, we cannot wait to see how this boy’s show career goes and to watch him develop as he ages. Maya, our family cannot thank you enough for this amazing boy, he is all I could ever want and more!

Douglas tested negative for HCM, PKD, PK deficiency, and SMA