Our Kittens

Born April 21, 2023

Sire-Raydusoleil Maverick of Tufts’N Ruff

Dam-Tufts’N Ruff Elektra of Cartermaines

Website updated 11/27/23

My friend also has available kittens, click this link to visit her site.



Ivy is the sweetest girl! She has the loudest purr and loves to use it while rubbing on us to tell us when she is hungry. She loves playing with toys and enjoys being around the other cats. This girl is the queen bird-watcher in the mornings, I always know where to find her! She is sometimes a little shy with new people and not as brave with loud noises like the vacuum, but once the loud noises stop, she comes out and about again. She is a big girl, built like a boy with nice strong boning. She is so soft and the pops of red in her coat are so pretty. This girl is wonderful!

Brown patched tabby